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По умолчанию : English actress Lynne Frederick

Stunningly beautiful photo of the tragic Lynne Frederick starring as Queen Katherine Howard in the 1972 film “Henry VIII and His Six Wives”

English actress Lynne Frederick was the living embodiment of the image of a princess from a fairy tale. For me personally, her image as Catherine Howard – one of the six wives of Henry VIII, is very reminiscent of the classic Russian beauty in a traditional folk outfit – the headdress and sundress. In general, this very screenshot picture from the film drew my attention to the actress with an angelic appearance. Probably, I am not the one who could see features of Russian beauty in her. Hollywood film director Franklin J. Schaffner offered Lynn the role of Tatiana – one of the daughters of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. The film, meanwhile, won the Oscar in the movie festival and entered the top 10 films of 1972. Unfortunately, Lynn lived a short life, having appeared in over than 27 films, but in the memory of fans she still remains a young and beautiful princess from a fairy tale.

Peter Sellers with his fourth wife Lynne Frederick at his home in Switzerland, 1980

Lynne Maria Frederick (25 July 1954 – 27 April 1994) is best remembered as the last wife of British film actor, comedian and singer Peter Sellers. The couple had been married for only three years. Peter Sellers suffered heart attacks that eventually killed him. After the death of her husband, Lynn became depressed and suicidal tendencies appeared, she started abusing drugs, which may have led in 1994 to the sudden death of the actress. According to her mother Iris, Lynne died from an attack in her sleep.

English actress Lynne Frederick

She was married twice after his death. Her decline – and obsession with Sellers – clearly caused pain to her third husband, Barry. One of his friends said: ‘He never discusses the money or even mentions the Sellers name. It’s something the family just never talk about even to their closest friends. When Lynne inherited the money, it caused nothing but grief. When she married again and had Cassie, she was still unhappy”.

Henry VIII and His Six Wives, 1972

“The money never brought Lynne any pleasure. The only time she felt recognition and a sense of accomplishment was when she was Peter’s wife. When she was no longer Mrs Sellers, no money and no child could replace the hole she felt.’

English actress Lynne Frederick (1954-1994)

Lynne Frederick as Catherine Howard in Henry VIII and His Six Wives, 1972

King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine Howard played by Keith Michell and Lynne Frederick in the movie Henry VIII and his six wives 1972

English actress Lynne Frederick in Long returning, 1975

Lynn Frederick Wessex Tales ‘A tragedy of two Ambitions’ unfortunately true for Lynn

English actress Lynne Frederick

Lynne Frederick

English actress Lynne Frederick

Lynne Frederick

English actress Lynne Frederick

Lynne Frederick

English actress Lynne Frederick

Lynne Frederick

English actress Lynne Frederick

Lynne Frederick as Lynne Frederick in 1972 film Vampire Circus

Lynne Frederick

Phase IV, 1974

Lynne Frederick (25 July 1954 – 27 April 1994)

Four of the Apocalypse, Italy, 1975

Phase IV, 1974

The movie list of English actress Lynne Frederick:

(1979) The Prisoner of Zenda … Princess Flavia

(ТВ, 1977) Hazlitt in Love … Sarah Walker

(1976) Voyage of the Damned … Anna Rosen

(1976) Schizo … Samantha

(1975) El vicio y la virtud … Rosa

(1975 – 1977) Space: 1999 … Shermeen Williams

(1975) I quattro dell’apocalisse … Emanuelle ‘Bunny’ O’Neill

(1975) Long returning … Anna

(1975) Giubbe rosse … Elizabeth

(ТВ, 1975) The Canterville Ghost … Virginia Otis

(1974) Phase IV … Kendra Eldridge

(ТВ, 1974) The Lady from the Sea … Hilde

(1974) The Pallisers … Isabel Boncassen

(ТВ, 1973) Keep an Eye on Denise

(1972) The Amazing Mr. Blunden … Lucy Allen

(1972) Henry VIII and His Six Wives … Catherine Howard

(1972) No Exit … Girl

(1972) Vampire Circus … Dora Mueller

(1971) Nicholas and Alexandra … Tatiana

(1970) No Blade of Grass … Mary Custance

(1970 – 1984) Play for Today … Niki

(1969 – 1976) Softly Softly: Task Force … Judith Oram

(1961 – 2014) Comedy Playhouse … Jenny Love

Largo retorno, (A Long Returning) 1975, Spain. movie poster

sources: dailymail.co.uk, kinopoisk.ru

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