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Tutorial Tools Опции просмотра
The Photoshop Computer
The Photoshop Computer
Опубликовал(а) Алексей Викторович
По умолчанию The Photoshop Computer

Operating System

selecting a computer, the first step is to select the operating system. There
are two main operating systems to use:
  • Mac
    OS ®
  • Microsoft ® Windows ®
which operating system to use is based on your preference. If you’re upgrading
your computer, stick with the same operating system so you don’t have to
purchase another license for the software you already have. Otherwise, ask
yourself the following questions:

  1. Which operating system am I most
    comfortable with?
  2. Is there any software I need to use
    that’s only available in a specific operating system? (ex. Apple Aperture)
does not perform its best when used with Microsoft Windows Vista RC1. Although Photoshop
is compatible with Windows Vista RC1, there may be some performance issues. For
example, opening the “Save for Web” tool takes longer to load than Windows XP.
With that said, keep in mind that Windows Vista is currently still being worked
on and many bugs and tweaks should be resolved in the finalized version.


computing allows Photoshop to use approximately 3.5 GB of RAM. If you will be using more than
2GB of RAM, make sure that you use a 64-bit operating system such as Mac OS X,
Windows XP 64-bit Edition, or Windows Vista 64-bit Edition. Generally, we
recommend investing in 64-bit hardware and software to adapt to the new
generation of computers.

Tutorial Tools


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Tutorial Tools
Опции просмотра

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