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По умолчанию 1 Giant Leap: My Culture

Artist: 1 Giant Leap

Album: Unknown

Maxi Jazz:
When I look back over the years
at the things that brought tears to my eyes
papa said we have to be wise
to live long lives
now i recognise
what my father said before he dies
vocalise things I've left unsaid
left my spirit unfed for too long
Im coming home to my family
Where i can be strong
Be who I planned to be
Within me my ancestory
Givinme continuity
Would it be remiss to continue in this way
would you rather I quit
come with the other shit
making people's hips sway
lip service I pay but im nervous
i pray for all the mothers who get no sleep
like a lifeline I light lines cause my compassion is deep
for the people who fashioned me my soul to keep
and this is who i happen to be
and if I dont see that Im strong then I wont be
This is what my Daddy told me
I wished he would hold me
A little more
than he did
But he taught me my culture
And how to live positive
I never wanna shame
The blood in my veins and bring pain
to my sweet grandfathers face
in his resting place
I make haste to learn and not waste
everything my forefathers earned in tears
for my culture

Fall back again
Crawl from the warm water

Maxi Jazz:
for my culture

water to air
youre on your feet again
your feet again.
Hello Dad, remember me?
Im the man you thought Id never be.
Im the boy who you reduced to tears
Dad Id been lonely for 27 years
Yeah, thats right my names Bob
Im the one who landed the popstars job
Im the one who you told : look, dont touch?
and the kid who wouldn't amount to much.
I believe in the senses out of so
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